Comments From Our Clients

“I gave the presentation a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of clarity and practical and useful content.”

Jeff Rodgers, President and CEO;
Matrix Manufacturing, Inc.


“We found Mr. Moore’s presentation Stage 2 Business Solutions™ to be of tremendous value in getting us to begin the planning process. Great job!”

Matt Metzger; COO
Metzger Trucking, Inc.


“Prior to attending the workshop The Truth About Estate Planning In An Era of Tax Reform we were both confused and concerned about a lot of information we thought we knew in this area especially things we had been told regarding what Mr. Moore calls ‘family and business wealth protection planning’ and ‘business succession planning’. The workshop provided clear, down to earth ideas and strategies and a clear path to follow”.

Cathy Gildner, CFO,
Cheboygan Cement Products, Inc.